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Selecting the right mulch to use in your landscape can be a tough task for anyone. You have to consider the right mulch for the location; another consideration in selecting mulch is the cost and availability.


Mulch such as pine needles decompose at a slow rate and are resistant to compaction. Pine needles are easy to work with and they protect tender ornamental plants. Pine needles can be left year-round, but we suggest that they should be renewed every year. If you’re looking to save money, pine needle is the way to go. They are eco-friendly and don’t cost as much as other mulches to add coverage to your plants and trees. With the variety of mulches available today you’re bound to find the right one to suit your needs. We want your home to look beautiful year-round and even during winter months. We can provide you with more information on finding the right mulch for your lawn.


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Busy Bee Lawn & Landscape provides small landscaping upon request including mulches such as pine needles and other appropriate mulch for shrub beds and trees.

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