Pruning at the right time is effective in many ways

Pruning during the dormant season can produce more shoots during the next growing season. Pruning is easier to do without leaves blocking the plant branch structure. This way your plants can flourish during spring.


Pruning helps to maintain plants including trees, shrubs, flowers and fruit development. Pruning during the fall decreases the chance of infections and diseases from spreading and damaging your plants. If prune dead branches are injured by harmful pests and insect infestation, it gives plants a chance to come back stronger than ever. When it’s difficult to decide whether a plant has been pruned that’s when a plant pruning happens well.  Our landscape team takes pride in the work they do on every job, they are friendly and reliable and take care of all your plants and landscape needs. Rest assured your plants are well taken care of.


Incorrect pruning jeopardizes the life span of a tree or shrub; we take the guesswork out of all your pruning needs. We service Monroe, Matthews, Charlotte and Waxhaw for all your pruning needs.


Increase your plants lifespan

Experience a beautiful yard in the spring by pruning your plants in the fall.

Pruning trees and shrubs is a lot of work, but you can avoid many problems by pruning your trees or shrubs during their formative years.

Pruning is important to your landscape

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